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Components of PPEs

investing in quality work wear because they last longer and serve to protect you and the entire workforce. Investing in poor-quality safety wear will prove to be costly in the long run and ineffective. They wear out easily and may not provide the protection desired.

Now that you understand the desired quality of work wear let’s look into different types of safety wear and extrapolate a little bit of each to fully understand its functions.

Types of safety gear

Typical types of PPEs that are common in many workplaces include; gloves, helmets, gowns, safety shoes, shoe covers, respirators, goggles, face shields, masks and more.

Gloves: they are useful when handling potentially infectious materials with your hands. They are worn on the hands and are allocated for each finger. Apart from protecting hands from harmful substances, they also provide warmth and comfort to the palms and fingers. Gloves are used in various workplaces including in farms, chemical industries, mining areas and more. They can be designed from a waterproof material, rubber or clothing depending on their potential use. Why are gloves a very useful piece of safety gear? Hands are the most active parts of a body and they have extensive functioning in different workplaces they need superior protection, from simple chemical splash and other chemical contaminations.

Gowns: gowns are important in protecting normal clothes from potential contamination. Gowns prevent clothes from harmful or chemical contamination. They also help protect normal clothes from dust, dirt and other spillages that could contaminate our daily apparel. Some gowns provide cover right from the head to the toe while others are designed to fully cover our clothes only.

Helmets: protects the head of a worker. Especially in workplaces where there are potentially flying objects that could hit someone from an aerial position.

Safety shoes: provides cover against falling objects that could potentially cause severe injuries to the foot and the toes. Also protects from harmful substances at the workplace. If you are working in a contaminated environment, safety shoes will provide protection.

Goggles and eye protection equipment: These are useful for people like welders to protect eyesight from excessive exposure to light that could destroy human sight. Goggles sometimes go hand in hand with a face shield.

Masks and respirators: masks and respirators help protect workers against harmful inhalations and dust. These are just a few common protective gears common in most workplaces.

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