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Protect Your Equipment With Bucket Wear Protection

Whether you have a small, medium or large asphalt plant, you need to understand how to protect your equipment. One way to do this is with bucket wear protection. You can find several different products on the market to help you protect your bucket. These products can range from simple lip shrouds to grouser bars.

Grouser bars

Using grouser bars is an effective way to increase the life of your heavy equipment. The bars are made of wear resistant alloy steel and are available in different heights and widths. They are also available with carbide overlay and PTA overlay.

The leading bucket wear protection is very important in the mining industry. It helps to protect the important parts of buckets and enhance their performance. It increases the life of the machine bucket and prevents it from wear and tear. It also reduces downtime. The main parts of the buckets that are protected by wear protection include the leading edge, the bottom and the sides. Wear buttons, chocky bars and wear donuts are also used to protect these parts.

These wear protection parts are available in light, medium, and heavy duty. They can be easily fitted to buckets and provide additional protection.

Side cutters

Adding side cutters to your bucket improves its capacity, reduces wear, and extends its life. These are also important when you’re digging in tough soil or rock. In addition, they allow your bucket to pass through the earth more easily.

There are many manufacturers of these parts. Some of the more popular brands include Kenco and TRASTEEL. They can be used on a variety of machines, and are ideal for structural reinforcement of worn bucket sides. They are also custom made to meet any size or shape requirements.

Some buckets come with these side cutters as standard, while others require the installation of bolt on versions. Both come in heavy and light duty varieties. Some buckets even have a small straight edge that is useful for pulling batters.

Lip shrouds

Having the right wear protection system in place can extend the life of your bucket. Lip shrouds are a great example. These are specifically designed to keep the leading edge of your bucket free from damage. They also offer added protection between the teeth of the bucket.

They are available in a variety of designs. You can even get one with a reversible top. Aside from wear protection, they also boast a number of other advantages. They are easy to install, and can be used with all types of machines. You can also opt for adapter plates for sidebar protectors.

There are many types of wear protection systems to choose from, and you may have to look for the best one that fits your machine. Aside from lip shrouds, you can also find wear plates, heel blocks and other small parts that will help you keep your bucket in working order.

FUTURA wear parts

FUTURA is a manufacturer of high performance wear parts and adapters for mining machinery. It is also a leading supplier of bucket wear protection. FUTURA’s range of wear products is guaranteed against defects and offers integral protection for buckets. They include hammerless solutions that are quick and easy to assemble, saving time on wear part replacement. FUTURA also offers a range of buckets incorporating tungsten carbide wear material that achieves a hardness of 700HB. FUTURA’s products are also designed to maintain self sharpening properties.

FUTURA’s range of hammerless solutions include a wear runner that mechanically attaches to the underside of the bucket. It is a reliable alternative to traditional weld-on plate wear protection and is interchangeable with ESCO Kwik-Lok parts. Also, mountable wear plates are available to provide extra protection to the wall of the bucket.

Asphalt plant wear needs fall along a continuum

During the winter, many asphalt plant operators need to think about their maintenance regimens. This is especially true of those operating in areas with freezing temperatures. Winter weather can cause closures of asphalt paving sites, and unexpected downtime can be costly to the bottom line. A good list of items to inspect and service is often a handy guide for those in the asphalt plant business. Fortunately, manufacturers of asphalt plants have a wealth of information about winter maintenance, and they are willing to share it.

Some companies even offer a laundry list of maintenance items based on the plant’s specific equipment, so you know exactly what to look for. Another smart move is to invest in some training and upgrade your control system to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.


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