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Purchasing a Commercial Gas Deep Fryer

A commercial gas deep fryer is a kitchen appliance that can be used for preparing food. These appliances come with a variety of features and functions. These features include programmable controls, light-duty design, and specialty features. In addition, they must be checked regularly for wear and tear. Before using these appliances, it is important to read the manufacturer’s manual carefully and follow all maintenance instructions. Professional chefs are often familiar with these appliances and know how to handle them in a professional environment.


When looking to purchase a new commercial gas deep fryer, there are a number of options to consider. Light-duty fryers are designed for low-volume frying, while medium-duty fryers can handle higher-volume frying. A heavy-duty fryer is designed for high-volume frying and is built to withstand frequent use.

A commercial gas deep fryer will serve crisp food quickly and efficiently. You can choose from several models from trusted brands such as Frymaster, Imperial, Pitco, Henny Penny, and Vulcan. Choose a model that will meet your needs. By considering the size of your business, you can determine the type of frying capacity you’ll need.

You’ll also need to consider the size of the unit. These fryers can range in size from counter-top to floor-mounted units with double or single pots and two mesh baskets in each pot. Choose a model with multiple pots to increase the amount of food you can fry at once. A floor-mounted gas fryer is larger, with several baskets and pots, making it easier to expand your menu while increasing your yield. You can also buy an outdoor unit that’s ideal for catering events.

Programmable controls

Programmable controls are a major convenience for commercial fryers. They allow operators to program multiple factors so that the food they prepare is always cooked at the perfect temperature, while reducing labor costs. Depending on the fryer’s model, programmable controls allow you to change cook time and temperature, which can save you time and money. However, programmable controls are not as user-friendly as manual controls, which are easier to operate but do not automate settings. You have to be more hands-on with manual controls. You also need to take care of the thermostat probes, which are prone to damage by the scrub brush.

Thermostats typically use four flags, one for when the temperature is above or below the setpoint, and another for when the temperature falls. The thermostat will also have a maximum (peak) value and a minimum (lowest) value. A pulse counter is also built into the controls, which increments or decrements when the temperature swing is less than the desired number.

Specialty options

If you are looking for a deep fryer for your commercial kitchen, you should know that commercial gas fryers are available in a variety of styles and capacities. These commercial gas fryers are typically higher in capacity, with some models having a weight capacity of over 130 pounds. They also use a gas burner, which is powered by natural gas or liquid propane. This flame heats the oil underneath the frypot and around the sides.

MVO commercial gas deep fryer comes with a variety of features, so you can choose the right model for your business. Some have a ventless design, which helps maintain proper ventilation even in a busy kitchen. Others have a heating coil inside the pot, which can be more energy-efficient. Many commercial gas fryers also have a self-cleaning feature.


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